holistic consultant for creative entrepreneurs

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I'm an artist, holistic consultant, retiring lawyer, graduate art school student getting 2 more degrees, adventurer, music fiend, nature lover, activist and plant medicine enthusiast. I create, write, learn and work with other artists to catalyze major shifts.

I was most recently credited as Associate Counsel for Live Nation in Puff Daddy's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story" and Lady Gaga's "Gaga: Five Foot Two"  documentaries. I've worked in lots of roles in the arts, entertainment and legal industries and I've worked with some of the biggest artists, athletes and brands - and with the power teams that help the those stars succeed and flourish.

Through my years of practice I've studied the traits of successful artists and helped build solid foundations for thriving creative businesses (including my own).  Now, I'm taking that knowledge to the next level by creating workshops, retreats, free tools and a holistic coaching platform to help artists hone in on the specific skills, mindset and support systems needed to realize their full potential.

Every moment is an opportunity to learn, heal, grow and help, and navigating life as a creative requires diligence, resilience, specific knowledge and finesse, beyond artistic  skills.  

You don't have to find your way alone.


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