holistic international

entertainment business consulting

for creative entrepreneurs

Join forces with Ashley Couch, CREATIVE - COUNSELOR -CATALYST, for holistic international entertainment business consulting for creative entrepreneurs with a dream of working in the entertainment industry.




Ashley takes a holistic approach in leading her tribe of artists:

  • Articulate their dreams

  • Set breathtaking goals

  • Get healthy in mind, body, spirit + business

  • Create effective action plans

  • Learn + follow best business practices and industry standards

  • Experience the magic + stay grateful


Every moment is an opportunity to learn, heal, grow and help, and navigating the creative and entertainment industries requires diligence, resilience, specific knowledge and finesse, beyond creative or business skills.  You don't have to find your way blindly - work with Ashley to dream big and illuminate your own path for greatness as a creative.


Most recently credited in Puff Daddy's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story" and Lady Gaga's "Gaga: Five Foot Two"  documentaries produced by Live Nation, Ashley, a career artist and entertainment lawyer, has worked in myriad facets of the industry, including legal, management, publishing, promotion, production, licensing and agency, to name a few. Ashley has worked with some of the biggest artists, athletes and brands - and with the power teams that help the biggest stars succeed and flourish.
Through her years of practice in the arts and legal worlds, Ashley has studied the traits of successful artists and helped build solid foundations for thriving creative businesses (including her own).  

Now, Ashley has taken that knowledge to the next level by creating workshops, retreats, free tools and a creative consulting platform to help artists hone in on the specific skills and mindset needed to realize potential in the creative sphere.


Ashley's clients include those making waves in:


- music business

- tv, film and digital short form content production

- visual arts

- creative writing

- entrepreneurship

- entertainment industry backbone roles (aka managers, agents + coaches)

- virtual reality and gaming platforms