I'm Ashley Hollan Couch, And This Is My Dharma


"I always seek to challenge myself, and have never given up my childhood dreams of saving the world. After spending a decade fighting for the causes I believe in as an attorney, I’m now taking a more healing approach to my work. In the next few years, I plan to really reach as an artist, writer and philosopher to study the intersection of art, music, nature, shamanism and holistic, primitive tools we can use to transform communities in positive ways. I am excited for what’s to come in 2018, as I plan to launch some big new projects and publish my first book, which is a mixture of entertainment, business, and life advice. I am also learning more about the beauty of self-love and how nurturing and respecting oneself can strengthen our ability to serve others..."

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8 Tips for a Happiness Makeover to Transform Your Life

"We all seek a state of happiness in our lives. While difficult to define, happiness touches on feeling contentment and fulfillment in all aspects of existence. Achieving happiness is a complex endeavor involving many factors both in and out of our control, and isn’t always fun and pleasant in the moment, especially when tackling long-term or substantial goals.

With the stresses of our daily routines, myriad obligations to family and friends, and feeling pulled in too many directions throughout the day, it can be a challenge to remember that happiness is a choice. But we can choose to reset our happiness set-points for the roughly 40% of our happiness under our control. Here are 8 tips for a happiness makeover that you can use to transform your life and reach a state of true happiness..."

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7 Things You Need For A Creative Workspace At Home

"As buzzwords like mindfulness, creativity, and flow state continue to gain mainstream appeal, it seems that more of us than ever before are turning to the arts for fulfillment. But it's not always easy to figure out how to incorporate art into your daily routine to manifest real change in your life.

Whether you're a professional artist or someone just wanting to tap into the joy of your inner child, the first step is creating a blissful, creative workspace. Even if you're strapped for square footage, you can carve out the space to decompress and let your imagination thrive. As a lawyer who moonlights as an artist, here are my top tips for conjuring up a blissful, creative workspace..."

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Let's CREATE : ELEVATE : TRANSCEND together in 2018!!


    As we all prepare for a stellar 2018 full of abundance, joy and creative success, I've been thinking about how I can help you all to thrive in the coming months. Over the course of this next year, I'll be offering a boatload of resources and free love, including live and online workshops, individual and group coaching sessions, and tons of tricks of the trade. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey, and can't wait to see the magic we can manifest together!

  Want to know more about what's ahead? Here's a sneak peak of what we have in store. We'll work together to focus on the building blocks you need for success in your creative business - and in life!

  So get ready to shine and let's get rockin'!



     ONE : Essential Hocus Pocus for Creative Entrepreneurs

              Charting New Beginnings

                         1 : Choose Happiness

                         2 : Positive Thinking

                         3 : Goal Setting

                         4 : Fuck Fear

             Manifesting Your Dream Team

                         1 : Setting Intentions

                         2 : You Get Back What You Give Off

                         3 : Releasing the Need to Control Others

                         4 : Raising the Bar

           Aligning with Your Creative Self

                         1 : Self Love > Self Sacrifice

                         2 : Overcoming Confidence Issues

                         3 : Annihilating Artistic Blocks

                         4 : The Purge

            Finding Rituals that Work for You 

                         1 : Feng Shui

                         2 : Money Magic

                         3 : Signs + Synchronicities

                         4 : Mind, Body, Spirit, Business

       TWO: Constructing the Cornerstones for Creative Entrepreneurs

             Business Basics 

                        1 : Corporate Formation

                        2 : Business Licensing + Tax Registration

                        3 : Compliance + Insurance

                        4 : Entertainment Business Specifics

            Barely Legal 

                       1 : Copyrights

                       2 : Trademarks

                       3 : Contracts

                       4 : Sampling and Other Minefields

           Mastering Marketing

                       1 : You Are A Brand

                       2 : Websites + EPKs

                       3 : Social Media

                       4 : Consistency is Key

          Getting Gigs 

                        1 : Networking Like a Pro

                        2 : Finding Mentors + Patrons

                        3 : Multiple Revenue Streams

                        4 : Do Your Research

        THREE : Manifesting Marathon Success as a Creative Entrepreneur

             Takin’ It to the Streets

                        1 : Creating an Action Plan

                        2 : Time is of the Essence

                        3 : Checks and Balances

                        4 : Evaluate What Is/Isn’t Working

             Maintaining Long Term 

                        1 : Strength through Self Care

                        2 : Learning How + When to Turn It Off

                        3 : Accountability

                        4 : Keeping Current

             Grounding Yourself with Gratitude 

                        1 : Finding Forgiveness

                        2 : Serving Others

                        3 : Making Moves through Mentorship

                        4 : Staying Grateful to Succeed

          Living Your Purpose as Your Authentic Self 

                        1 : Thinking Big

                        2 : Patience in Pursuits of Passion

                        3 : Having Faith in Yourself + the Unknown

                        4 : Continuing the Challenge to Live Your Dreams